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Our Service Offerings

  • Sunview’s Outsourcing Benefits
  • Sunview’s Business Model
  • Sunview’s Outsourcing Solution
  • Sunview’s Flexible Resources

Staffing Services

Sunview provides you the quality oriented staffing solutions.

Staffing services, at Sunview Consulting, involves providing personnel to the client for a contracted period. These personnel are on Sunview's rolls and match the client's specifications for manpower. Other than these contracts, we, at Sunview also cater permanent resources through executive search.

Sunview has proven experience working with professionally managed Indian companies and MNCs and a large proportion of our recruitees are with MNCs. In addition, in case of contract resources, all Sunview’s recruitees are on our rolls, assuring them of all the benefits and the dignity of a regular employee in a respected public limited company.

Benefits of Contract Resourcing to the corporate client:

  • No need to maintain bench of resources.
  • No need to worry of recruitment & multi-skilling of bench resources.
  • No long-term resource liability.
  • Just-in-Time availability of resources.
  • Process & Quality-standards of their choice.

Software Development Center for offshore services & software delivery

The partner / Client is benefited:

  • Offshore Center for cost saving development.
  • Continuous Resource availability.
  • Control on resource & direction of the development center.
  • Cost & Investment Sharing.
  • Process & Quality model are of their choice.

The Development Center can be:

  • Technology / Skill oriented
  • Account Oriented
  • Geography / Region Oriented
  • General IT Consulting

The revenue Model can be based on:

  • Business Sharing
  • Consultant Hiring
  • Profit Sharing
  • Risk & Reward Sharing
  • Joint Venture