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We, at Sunview Consulting Pvt. Ltd., are pleased to introduce us as a leading and fast growing outsourcing Organization in the field of Resource Management, with a proven track record of 16 years, of consistency with quality process & solutions, provided to our Corporate Clients. We have a young energetic team of management & engineering professionals who understand the clients’ needs and focuses on the Technical skills as well as ensuring the positive attitude and other HR qualities of the candidates before sponsoring them to our clients.

Today all Management consulting Organizations are trying their best to meet the requirements of the customers in all possible ways. They target to be the major consulting service providers, if not the only consulting service provider. Thus scope of business & coverage is very large. Over & above this, changing technology is introducing variety & expanding the scope of services without making quantum change in the business size. Hence these Management Consulting companies are trying hard to manage the variety & volume with their Business partners. Even small Business partners bring immense value to a large Management Consulting Company in terms of expanding the coverage & competencies.

By associating with Sunview Consulting, which has got dual advantage of being a Resourcing company & having a software development unit, headed by a team of Management professionals & software engineers, the Corporate client leverages the advantage of having access to JIT (Just In Time) manpower resources in vast technology & support areas.

Our team is well equipped and result oriented to provide rapid access to the needed skills. We have a wide network of very good candidates whom we have sourced through various channels in addition to our Resource Management Group.